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I met Julia Deppe on my First Descents trip to Jackson Wyoming in September 2017, I was a participant and she was our head chef. When I decided to go on the trip it was with some trepidation due to my restrictive diet. Simply put, Julia exceeded any expectations I ever could have had. Her food was incredible, and it just kept coming! Not only was it all delicious, she took everyone’s dietary considerations into account, and there was never a shortage of food.

More important than successfully feeding us all week, Julia is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is genuinely happy to be helping people and is a true delight to be around. Her kitchen and dining rooms are incredibly welcoming and warm. Julia doesn’t just produce healthy comfort food, she provides a comfort dining experience with her personality and attitude. None of this even mentions the impromptu dance party that broke out with Julia and a dozen cancer patients in her kitchen. The environment she created made a bunch of sick people forget their problems and dance together.

If you have the chance to hire or work with Julia Deppe you jump on that opportunity before someone else does!
— Matt Englander - Jackson WY 2017
Everything has been unanimously agreed upon as delicious! Please do come back next week for another cooking session! We are feeling very spoiled this week. Thanks again!!!
— Jana V. - Personal Chef Client, Bay Area 2019
Julia is a phenomenal chef. Her plant based meals were AHHHMAZING!
— C.K. - Personal Chef Client, San Francisco CA 2018
I was fortunate enough to experience Julia’s cooking first-hand during an adventure trip for cancer survivors, and it is pretty apparent that she has perfected her craft.  Julia’s meals were not only health supportive and well-balanced, but they were some of the most creative, diverse, and flavorful dishes I have ever had.  I can confidently say that Julia’s cooking will certainly leave a lasting impression!
— Patrick R. - Jackson, WY 2017
I was lucky enough to experience a full week of Julia’s wholesome and incredible tasting food.  She helped me discover new flavors, surprised me with ingredients that I would have never tried, and helped me get new perspective on a plant-based diet. Even when maintaining high physical demands through the week, my energy levels stayed high and I felt great both physically and mentally.  Eating good is easy and delicious with her!

The wholesomeness goes deeper than her food. Interacting with her was a joy and I can say that the love and positive energy that she puts into her food result in amazing dishes, from very tasty salads to incredible desserts.  How I wished Julia lived on the East Coast! 

Julia guided me through my first week of plant-based diet. By tailoring the meals to my needs and likes Julia was able to help me stick to my commitment. Not only was the food amazing, but I felt coached and truly felt she was on my team helping me reach my goal. 100% worth it and a lot lot easier to stick with it with her on my team.
— C.D. - Jackson WY 2017
I never grew up eating plant based meals but somehow Julia’s food feels like home. She makes eating healthy simple. Her passion, and warmth shows through her cooking which in turn leaves you in a whole new state of well-being.
— D.G. - Tarkio MT 2017
I had heard that food at First Descents was awesome, but I cook a lot and write about food so I didn’t know what to expect. I (and everyone else in the group) ended up feeling so taken care of because of the food provided by Julia. Meals, snacks, and desserts were all thought out. There were rich sauces that were actually vegan and just a touch of animal protein that demonstrated how a balanced diet is attainable. Julia was able to give food advice and talk through any recipe to demystify anything. Having such great food at FD was the vegan (yet delicious) icing on the gluten free (yet delicious) cake!
— J.S. Jackson WY 2017
What can I say about the meals provided during my First Descents trip? Amazing. Each meal and dessert was prepared with care and love and was done in a way that made healthy food enjoyable. The meals opened my eyes to the possibilities beyond gluten and dairy and recreated some popular favorites in a healthy way. Julia was very helpful and willing to share ingredients and tips that would help us when we returned home to think and create healthy meals for ourselves.
— M.T. - Jackson WY 2017
I would consider myself a really picky eater, but when I met Julia, her food changed all of that! I stepped out of my “food comfort zone” and tried things I would not normally. I could not wait for Julia’s next creation. Her food was so amazing that it inspired me to continue to eat a plant-based/vegan/gluten-free diet even after I got home from First Descents! Thank you, Julia!!
— Caitlin Whitney - Tarkio MT 2017
Julia (or Nomad, as I know her) was the chef when I participated with First Descents in August 2017.  Her meals were wonderful - plant based and delicious.  She specifically accommodated some of her recipes for me, as cancer treatments have left my mouth extremely sensitive to spice.  In addition to her yummy recipes, she was refreshingly down-to-earth and lovely to chat with.  I still make some of her recipes!
— M.L. - Estes Park, CO 2017
AMAZING... the menus, the presentation, and of course the taste. For one week she cooked for me and changed so many things about the way I cook and the way I eat. Julia has inspired me to be more creative and healthier in what I cook for me and my family, and I am so thankful for what she taught me. 
— K.M. - Jackson WY 2017
Julia’s vegan magic, the ease of the recipes and her eager, cheerful desire to help each of us on our First Descents trip learn how to properly go vegan at home revolutionized not only my knowledge of nutrition but my appetite as well. Plus! She taught us how to go vegan without breaking the bank. The food was incredible! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

In just a few days my body and mind felt stronger and clearer than ever before. Not only that, I was able to reduce a lot of my medications and stop a handful altogether once I was home. Of course, my doctors oversaw those changes but Julia’s recipes, the knowledge and passion she instilled in us were the catalyst. She worked tirelessly the entire time and I’m glad to have shared the kitchen and the river with her, even for a short a time.
— Rhianna - Jackson WY 2017
I had the opportunity to meet Julia at a retreat this Fall. The food was amazing. I didn’t realize eating healthy could taste so good. My favorite from the week was her homemade almond butter cups. I can’t wait for the next chance to have her cuisine.
— M.O. - Jackson WY 2017