personal chef oakland california


Julia believes in the deliciousness and powers of eating real, whole foods.  Simple, balanced dishes and flavors, all with a nutritional punch.


Upon being "prescribed" a new diet [sans gluten, dairy, and a slew of other foods] Julia hesitantly embraced the change, and began experimenting in her Brooklyn apartment.  She soon realized it wasn't impossible to enjoy eating within the given restraints, and decided to focus on providing others - struggling to navigate their own health hurdles - with satisfying, feel-good food.

A shift from the photo world - and subsequent training and certification from The Natural Gourmet Institute in 2012 - led Julia to a variety of NYC's plant-basedgluten-free, and dairy-free kitchens.

Julia developed the opening cafe menu and managed the kitchen of Philadelphia's first organic, plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free eatery.

Julia now resides in Oakland (CA), where she creates healthful, personalized, allergy-friendly meals.  She volunteers with Cooking Matters food education programs and is a chef for First Descents adventure programs - cooking plant-focused meals for young adults impacted by cancer. 

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