Testimonial 1

“Having Julia cook for the women's retreat that I organized was simply the best decision in the planning process. Her attention to detail, dedication, expertise and love for cooking and food were so obvious from the start, and made our retreat such a memorable experience! Every lunch and dinner were healthy, delicious and nourishing to our bodies and souls. I can't wait to have Julia back for the next retreat. Thank you, Julia!”

-Kuan Luo, Founder, FTW Retreat

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Testimonial 2

"With Julia as the chef at my FD experience, I thought there was the possibility that I could actually go vegan and not feel like I was missing out on all my favorite flavors and cuisines. Not only is she an alchemist in the kitchen, she is a delightful person who is more than willing to share her trade secrets. I made one of her (totally vegan) recipes for a big family party and everyone was clamoring for the recipe. I suffer from some allergies that are common ingredients in food and always felt safe in her kitchen. I recently went on a trip with another foundation that supports young adults with cancer - getting an opportunity to try new things in nature - and had to constantly remind the chef of my allergies."

-Jenni, 2017 Colorado Retreat Attendee

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Testimonial 3

“First off, you changed my perception on clean eating and the fact that it could also be delicious!!! Secondly, I’ve never been so regular in my damn life. Hahaha TMI but so true. Thirdly, growing up I’ve had a lot of food anxiety, especially when going out to eat. I had a lot of stress induced GI issues that caused so many issues (I’ll spare the details). I just never felt good. I’ve finally found my own healthy routine with foods I prepare myself in my home. I was nervous I wasn’t going to feel well the entire trip with new foods I hadn’t eaten before, but you made everything so healthy and simple! So, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my relationship with food!”

-H.C., 2017 Retreat Attendee

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